About Me

Welcome. You’ve found the home of a strange creature indeed. It is a creature trained for work in logic and practicality that has despite that, managed to maintain it’s youngling sense of wonder and creativity, and craves above all else to explore the many oddities of the world it lives in and the strangeness of others of its kind. It seeks to understand both the logical and the illogical, the cold, hard facts, and randomness of artistic expression.

The creature that lives here was fed nothing but good things while it grew from hatchling to fully-winged adult, but it wonders constantly about the darkness it has never tasted, hence that is where its mind wanders for its stories, exploring the many facets of the world of which it knows little, trying to learn of them, and better understand those who have experienced such darkness.

But to be able to explore such topics, one has to be willing to have the unpleasant experience of entertaining disturbing and unsettling thoughts. It’s difficult and heavy questions that plague this creature, ones that often have no right answer, but many possible ones, all valid in some way, depending on how one views the world and how they think it should function.

Will you come fly with me, and explore the many dark possibilities that the mind can spawn into a fantasized existence, ideas that can be mimicked, in their own way, in actual reality?

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