A collection of 100 beautifully colored writing prompts to inspire your stories, including 25 never before available anywhere else!

Some examples of what you’ll find inside!

Ghost Apocalypse: The apocalypse happens, everyone dies. Now the planet is full of ghosts wandering a wasteland of a destroyed planet. What happened, and what does it mean about the afterlife?

Look-shifting: Technology has evolved to allow us to change our entire appearance whenever we want, with convincing reality. Skin, hair, eyes, height, body shape, gender, everything. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Superstitious Gods: Every superstition is a god. They wander the earth, affecting those people who worship them by upholding, or failing to adhere to, their requirements. Some are friendly, others mischievous, some downright malevolent. Which god or gods do you worship?

“Are you a couple?”
“That isn’t a word I’d use to describe our relationship.”

One determined female talent agent,
two up-and-coming male models.

When I accepted a position managing two of the company’s new male models, I was prepared for a challenge – but I didn’t expect that challenge to include looking after two emotionally damaged young men who used sex as a coping mechanism. Jareka was standoffish while his partner Tareiji acted like an overgrown child. I’d been given twelve months to straighten out this troublesome pair, but their shared history, which they refused to divulge, caused more problems than even I knew how to handle. I wasn’t sure twelve years would be enough time to turn them into successful models. Because there’s just no way to rush a healing wound, especially if the mental wound runs deeper than the scars marring their bodies.

A surreal depiction of how very alive our inner thoughts can be, shown though the eyes of an artist and their “muse”.

“I wake up and roll over, staring at the ceiling for a few minutes. It’s still dark out. I sigh. Another day.
I get out of bed and straighten the sheets.
I glance at the foot of the bed where It lays, draped over the edge, still sleeping. It won’t wake for another couple hours.”

“I wake up. There’s light streaming in the window. I yawn and stretch, fingers grasping at air, and slide off the bed. I lay on the floor for a few minutes, warm sunlight on my belly and cool stone against my back. A new day.
I can sense It sitting at a desk in a stuffy classroom. I don’t understand why It behaves this way. I know It doesn’t like to. It’s always complaining.”

This is a very short story, approximately 3000 words.